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WH Black Friday Deals 2021

Get a FREE upgrade to the LED version of W&H ImplantMed handpieces when you buy WS-56, WS-75, WS-91, or WS-92! 

The LED upgrade applies to the LG version only. It includes a mini LED+ and an independent power supply!

Applies to the following best selling dismantlable handpieces:

WS-56 - WS-56 Dismantlable Surgical Contra-Angle 1:1 Handpiece 

                                                                   WS-56 Surgical contra-angle 1:1

WS-75 - WS-75 Dismantlable Surgical Contra-Angle 20:1 Handpiece 

                                                                  WS-75 dismantleable Surgical Contra-angle 20:1

WS-91 - WS-91 Dismantlable Surgical 45' Contra-Angle 1:2:7 Handpiece 

                                                                    WS-91 Surgical 45' Contra-Angle Handpiece

WS-92 - WS-92 Dismantlable Surgical Contra-Angle 1:2.7 Handpiece 

                                                                    WS-92 Dismantlable Surgical Contra-Angle 1:2.7 Handpiece

**Offers expire November 29th, 2021 at 11:59PM