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Q-Optics Canada. Head Up and Shoulder Back. The All-New Ergo-Angle™ Loupes. The lightest ergo-angle loupes with the best ergonomics and warranty. Book your appointment now.



Stylish, Lightweight, Functional. The new Ergo-Angle™ loupes will finally bring you relief while still making sure you look your best. Our warranty and service is the best in the industry - we offer a lifetime guarantee!

Why We're the Best. Superior Ergonomics. Lightest Angled Loupes. Lifetime Warranty. The angle of the loupes encourages an upright neck and head posture, ensuring a comfortable and  strain-less position. Take care of you spine while working and ensure a long-lasting career! At just 48.5g, the Ergo-Pro™ is the lightest angled loupes in the market! Feel the difference as soon as you put them on! We are proud to stand behind our customers’ careers by offering a lifetime guarantee on all loupes. If our product ever fails to perform within the lifespan of your practice, return your damaged loupes and we will repair or rebuild them.

Ergo-angle™ EP-3.5x. Power: 3.5x. Model Number: EP-3.5TTL. Field of View: 8 - 10 cm. Weight: 48.5g. Coming soon! 4.0x 4.5x power. Pre-order yours today!

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The Best Warranty in the Industry. LIFETIME.

The most technically advanced loupes available for dentistry, with more custom measurements to fit your features than any other brand. Utilizing the strength and rigidity of titanium construction along with a unique nose-relief design you are ensured of lightweight comfort and long-lasting life.
If your nose could speak, it would thank you!

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